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So I am finally updating! Haha.. I am such a procrastinator. Plus, we've been really busy over here, with the student orientation going on and the great influx of people we've been getting in our life groups.

We went on a trip to the Mornington Peninsula on Saturday with the students. Pity about the rain, but we had great fun plucking strawberries, in the pouring rain nonetheless. Ian was sooo horrified at how I insisted that he squeeze as many berries into each box to make our money's worth. But hey, I'm Singaporean!

We had our engagement party the Saturday before. Pictures are up on Facebook. It was truly a time to remember! I can't believe you get sabo-ed on days like that as well! We are such nice, tame people!!

We're also looking around for a house. So please pray for us. That God will lead us to the right place and in the right time and most importantly, for the right price. We're trying to get this settled ahead of the many other things we'll have to do before the wedding.

Hmmm... I was meant to try out my invite design... but we'll see if I have time. I am trying to slowly box up my room, because I just have sooooooo much junk!

For those of you who have gotten the Save the Dates through Facebook and email... we hope that you really consider coming!

Okies.. that's all for updates for now. (:
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Wedding Planning

Well.. it's coming up to a month since we started this wedding planning business. And boy is it an interesting process.. in good and bad ways.

We've settled quite a lot of things so far.. the venue, the photographer (more or less), my dresses (minus the ones for the dinner back home), the colour theme (Hooi Ling asked me the other night whether Ian got much of a say in this..haha)... and there still seems to be so much more to do.

Working 7 nights on 7 days off has it's blessings. I am free for 7 days to sort out things, do things.. but on the other hand, my Circadian rhythm is totally off for 7 days, like right now! And I am really tired and cranky.. as it is really hard to sleep in the day as the weather is pretty warm and all. But I get to do some stuff at night.. like read and research.

It's an exciting process, where you come to remember that it is not only the day.. or for us the week.. you are preparing for.. but also for the rest of your life. And you don't only need to consider yourselves.. there's also all the other people.. especially the family! What they want.. the culture.. especially as we don't really know what culture is, having been Westernized by the box called the TV and the internet. But it's still fun. Because you can only do this once in your life.
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Something to Share

Dear Everyone,

We have some really exciting news we would like to share with you.

If you are reading this, we hope you know how important you are to us in our lives. (: We thank you all for being a part and a blessing to both our lives and also in our relationship. Thank you for being our friends, our family, our family-in-Christ and so much more. Thank you for supporting us in our relationship thus far.

As of the 30th of January, we made the commitment to take our relationship one step deeper and closer to sealing it permanently. (: In other words, we're engaged! (Details of the proposal will follow in another post.) We apologize to that we took some time to share our news as we needed to iron a few details out prior to making our announcement.

We hope and pray that as God leads us as we continue our journey, all of you will continue to walk with us as well. We hope that as you all have blessed us, we can be a blessing to all of you as well.

We'll continue to update you here as our plans for our big day unfold.

Ivy & Ian


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